Running barefoot

I’ve been a runner since middle school.

I was on both the cross-country and the track team throughout high school.

I continued to run for the sake of keeping fit during college and once I joined the workforce. I wasn’t careful about how often and how many miles I ran. Because I failed to properly rest my feet, I developed problems with plantar fasciitis. Along with pain in the bottoms of my feet, the joints in my ankles and knees often ached. I was concerned that I’d need to give up running. I tried icing my feet, taking ibuprofen and all sorts of different types of stretches. I invested in expensive sneakers designed specifically for running and ordered specialized inserts. My brother recommended that I try running barefoot. Initially, I thought that was a very bad idea. I believed that my feet needed support and cushioning. However, when I read up on the possibility, I found some very enlightening information. The fitness articles talked about how the human foot was designed to handle the terrain without shoes. It listed the many benefits of running barefoot. I set about creating a path around my house. Since my yard is quite sizable, one circle around the perimeter equals a quarter of a mile. I have managed to pound the ground smooth so that there are no sharp rocks, sticks or holes to worry about. I like that running around my house keeps me in close proximity to water and a bathroom. I can quit at any time and be done with the run. I am smart about only running a couple times per week. Since I started running barefoot, I’ve had no more complaints with aches or pains in my feet or joints.


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