Seeking help on indoor air quality

Bella has her favorite brands but owes them no loyalty.

  • If a similar product from a different brand has a discount, then that is the one she will buy.

She has no commitment whatsoever to brands, especially to groceries. I always argued that the margin between what I spend while shopping and what Bella would spend on similar products would be smaller. But when that was tried and tested, she made significant savings compared to my total price. However, Bella consulted me when looking for a whole-home air purification system. She said that her HVAC’s air purification help was not enough to help her achieve her desired indoor air quality. We researched several HVAC equipment websites for air purification systems until we found a good one within her budget. Bella also used a regular air filter and wanted to switch to a HEPA filter. On the other hand, I needed to consult an HVAC technician to get a professional view of why my energy bill was going up constantly. I knew it had to do with my HVAC unit, but I needed to figure out how to solve the problem. The HVAC professional came and inspected my entire installation. She told me it required maintenance and that I was using so much energy to heat the house because there were three leaks in the vents. Therefore, the unit had to run more to compensate for the lost heat. On top of duct sealing, they also needed duct cleaning. It must have been why even the air quality had declined, and I had also started thinking of ways to improve air purification. The expert also told me about smart HVAC that could save me energy.
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