Seems impossible to agree on the temperature control settings

My spouse and I have been arguing about the temperature in our beach property for a long while.

I do believe that it is getting worse, but I knew that my spouse had odd temperature preferences when we initially were married.

Although the temperature control might seem like no important thing when you are first dating, it isn’t. If you get married or live with someone, you are going to have to agree on the temperature settings of the temperature control. If you choose not to, it can cause some rather serious complications. When my spouse and I discussed our temperature preferences, we came to learn that ours were different, however not by too much. I liked the air conditioner equipment a little more than she did, and she liked the heating more than I did. However, I liked the temperature control to be set at 69, and she liked the temperature control to be set at 73. Although some may feel that this is an extreme difference in temperature for a property, it was actually something that I was willing to compromise on! Looking back though, maybe I should have stood my ground on the temperature control. My spouse and I have been married for multiple years, and while in those multiple years, the way that she sets the temperature control has changed by a good amount! She used to enjoy 73 degrees, and now, she prefers the temperature control to be set at 76. Although we actually did make an agreement, she has changed. I have not. I already didn’t enjoy the temperature control settings we agreed on, however now, it is becoming entirely awful. She won’t even talk about it with me. She simply sets the temperature control to her preference, and won’t let me change it. If I try to change anything, she resets it or gets mad.


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