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Our multi chop air conditioner was destroyed by a bull on our ranch… Every one of us has many cows and bulls on our farm and they’ve never given us any problems until recently, however our barn needed a current air conditioner because the window air conditioners were too luxurious to run all the time.

Every one of us considered getting a central air conditioner however then settled on a multi chop air conditioner for the barn.

Every one of us also invested in an entirely nice zone controlled heating and A/C component to help with the odd habitats of odd animals in our barn, but the multi chop air conditioner worked wonderfully to keep all of the barn animals cool and to help with indoor comfort and indoor air pollen levels. One afternoon I walked into the barn and was horrified to find that it was seriously sizzling inside, then at first I thought that maybe the farm hand had turned on the gas gas furnace because of the chilly night and forgot to turn it off; however when I went to the smart temperature control I found out that the gas furnace was not on, I also messed around the smart temperature control and discovered that the multi chop air conditioner was disconnected from the temperature control. I went outside and then looked at the air conditioner and found that the angry bull had rammed into the side of the cooling system component several times and completely demolished it! Every one of us tested the board and hired a few heating and A/C specialists to install a current multi chop air conditioner into the barn. If you actually have animals it is crucial to keep your air conditioner safe from them.

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