Showing off at the college night

Does anyone absolutely appreciate going to high college or college reunions? I don’t have great memories from going to college, & the last thing I wanted to do was saunter down memory lane, alas, my partner Beth was quite insistent that the people I was with and I attend our 20 year reunion, then beth has even worse memories of high college than I do, which is why it was so important to her, however in those mornings she was overweight & considered to be a loser, however her desire to go back is to show off to all our collegemates that the people I was with and I have become absolutely successful Heating & A/C suppliers.

In other words, she wants to rub our success in the Heating & A/C industry in everyone’s face as a “See, I told you so!” I can hardly blame her for that.

Beth went to college to learn advertising & advertising, while I went to trade college to get my Heating & A/C certification, once the people I was with and I combined our individual skills, the people I was with and I started to build our own Heating & A/C contracting supplier with a large web presence. Beth’s skills with social media & Google ads have grown our Heating & A/C client list remarkably, in a absolutely short stage of time, she doesn’t think the first thing about heating & cooling systems, but her web savvy is what made this supplier a success! I can hardly fault Beth for wanting to go back to the old crew & show off her success in the Heating & A/C industry. I assume she has gained it. If the Heating & A/C supplier keeps growing at this rate the people I was with and I will both be retired before the next reunion.

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