Sitting by the Gas Heater Heating my Body Up

All of us got a cold front pushing through this week & it’s pretty cold out here so I fired up the small portable gas oil furnace until both of us get this bonfire going.

  • I’m waiting for my friends to come by & both of us will get this fire going.

My one friend works in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry & is going to show myself and others some of the latest gas fireplaces because I want to get one when I go back to my beach apartment overseas. All of us aren’t allowed to have bonfires there & I appreciate seeing fires so I am just going to get a small gas fireplace for my flat. I also have access to the rooftop so I can bring the small fireplace up there & have friends over for our own little bonfire celebration. I am here for another multiple weeks going to see my family in the states although I am thinking I may extend my getaway & stay here till the end of May. I can work for my friend, who is a local supplier, doing Heating & Air Conditioning repairs & repair. He’s had the company for a long time & has a huge base of customers, so she is typically busy & looking for another set of hands. My cousin has myself and others painting her apartment while I am staying with her & she is paying myself and others quite well to do the task. I like laboring on Heating & Air Conditioning systems & painting because it gives myself and others a opportunity to use my skills & is also great exercise. I still workout although I keep the workouts lighter while doing this manual labor.
Heating and air conditioning system