Smelly Shower Causes

Showers are a relaxing part of an individual’s day.

You can’t imagine anything better than getting into the shower after a long, stressful day at work.

However, there is also the embarrassing side of showers. A smelly shower can be caused by many different factors. The first thing you should do when you smell a strange smell coming from the shower drain in the restroom is to note what sort of noxious smell it is. When your shower drain stinks of sewage, your P-trap is not preventing sewer gases from leaking into your bathroom. If you have a musty odor and your P-trap is still clogged, you probably need to clean it. This particular piece of plumbing is designed to prevent sewer gases from backing up into your house through your drain system, and is a common cause of smelly shower drains. The trap itself contains water that creates a seal that prevents the bad smells from returning to the home. When there’s no water in the P-trap or it’s dried out, odors will easily enter your bathroom through the shower drain and around your feet. You can simply shine a flashlight at it to see if it is dry or not. If your shower smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, there’s probably a leak in the drain lines under your home. The most common causes of smelly shower drains like this include faulty valves, corroded pipes, and dripping faucet joints. If you can’t clear a drain clog with a plunger, then biofilm has built up inside the bowl and is preventing water from draining out. If water doesn’t flow through the pipe system in the bathroom, everything begins to rot and decay at a faster rate, causing the shower drain to smell foul. It’s important to deal with any clog in your drain line right away before the smell gets worse. When water sits too long under a house, it starts to rot and decay at a much faster rate, resulting in smelly shower drains. Drain clogs and leaks can also cause smelly drains.


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