Snooping Around for Some Energy Saving Help

I’ve got all of my money locked away in stocks that have gone down about 70% so I can’t touch the money till they rebound.

I’m trying to find ways to cut back on my monthly bills and will probably look for a flatmate for my place to cut my rent in half.

If I get a person to live with me, a quiet and clean person, my part of the rent and utilities would be about $600 a month. Where I live overseas I don’t need a car so food is my only other expense. My HVAC system is probably my biggest user of electricity so I am going to look for ways to cut down on the usage of it. I will look online for different ways to save money on electricity and hopefully my new smart thermostat will also help cut my bills down even more each month. I only spend about $400 a month on food so my total monthly bills would be down to $1000 a month with a roommate and If I can’t earn $12000 a year then I am doing something wrong. I could get a part time job at the local HVAC company and earn more than that working about 15 hours a week. I like living simply nowadays after being in so much debt about ten years ago. I was a local HVAC contractor in my town and had to work about 60 hours a week just to get by, never again will I be trapped in that kind of lifestyle.

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