So happy with the results of trying to save on HVAC costs

It feels so bizarre but it’s only been a year.

This year, I’m wrapping presents for Hanukkah inside a condo that is cozy, moderate plus the gas heating system isn’t on every minute.

This is a huge change from the way it was this time last year plus for the year before that. The only difference is the fact that I got off my butt this fall plus did something in order to save on heating repair, and for years, I had the intention of doing winter time preparation on my new home in order to save money on the heating costs. Where my friend and I reside, winter time can be pretty intense plus I end up spending way too much money on heating costs. And that would be 1 thing if it was actually moderate in this new home given all the money my friend and I pay for heating, but however, that is not the case plus that was totally preventable. I recognize what spurred me on to do something about the heating costs this winter time was a simple trip to the HVAC dealership website. I wanted to take a look to see if they had any information on how to prep the condo in order to save on HVAC utility costs. Not only did they have information however they had an entire checklist that all I had to do was print out. From there I just took it step by step plus wound up sealing my new home so well that my friend and I are free of drafts plus the new home is so nice and warm. I’m amazed at how much my friend and I are saving so far on the heating costs as well. But the real dog days of winter are now in full swing so we’ll see if my friend and I can save even more.

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