So many ways to save on cooling costs

I’m wrapping the Xmas gifts that I purchased with some of the savings I achieved this summer time on cooling costs; Of course, the heater is very much quiet these days as the weather is almost perfect.

  • I’m lucky to live in a southern region where we don’t have to worry about heavy snow, ice storms, or long periods of cold.

Worst case, we might get a freezing snap and the heater comes on several days in a row for a bit. But that’s pretty much the extent of all the heating we need down here. Alas, while I care about counting the savings from this past summer time and spending it on our family and friends, I’m already thinking of current strategies. I’ve legitimately been pretty intense about Heating plus Air Conditioning cost splitting strategies for the last seven or 8 years. We’ve only been living in the south about 6 years now. The first couple of years all I would do was lean straight into all the air conditioner we could stand. But this is not an approach that’s going to come cheaply. I overspent on over cooling our house that’s for sure. So seven or 8 years ago, I decided to get drastic about saving on air conditioner expenses. Of course, we always had seasonal Heating plus Air Conditioning repair and that’s pressing to enhance the efficiency of the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. But after that I did the basics like sealing up the house and stopping direct sunlight heating. However, nothing’s legitimately going to help unless we have some thermostat discipline. I saved more and more with each passing summer. So this time, I’m thinking that I won’t cook inside but out on the grill. That way, I won’t be heating up the inside of the condo only to have to add more cooling.


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