So Nice and Toasty in my Flat While I Do my Work for the Day

My friend who lives in a van just told me that this morning when she woke up it was 54F inside the van.

She has a gas furnace but it is not working, so she has to deal with that cold temp all day long.

There is no sun today so she doesn’t have the natural radiative heating effect that the sun normally gives off. I feel sorry for her and I think I will invite her to come work here if it is too cold in her little van. I would not want to be without heating all day long while I worked or my hands would be numb and stinging. I’m sitting in my office, under my warm microfiber blanket and tapping away on the keys while my humming air purifier cleans the air in the background. I am waiting for the right roommate to come along and I am going to rent out one of my rooms to help offset the cost of running the heating and A/C in today’s world. My landlord will probably be upset if I have someone move in because we had a problem with a tenant a year ago and he told me no more renting rooms. But I need some help with bills because running my fireplace or electric heater is just costing me way too much money and I hardly have enough money for food nowadays. I think the power companies will have to lower their rates because a lot of businesses are going under because they can’t afford the heating bills.

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