Starting at a new class

Today is the day for the beginning of the university year.

This isn’tan ordinary first day of university as my father plus I moved across the country at the end of my last university year.

So new university plus hopefully some new cool friends! I live within a few blocks from the university so I am going to walk. I walked by it a few times while in the sizzling summer. I never honestly got to experience air conditioning unless I went out for dinner, the grocery store or the precious occasion my dad took me to the motion pictures. I kind of got used to the heat plus I could not imagine sitting in for minutes at a time. Fall is coming soon plus I helped my dad install an electric furnace. I guess we’ll be hot while in the Winter time at least! The outside of the university is actually ancient looking, bricked, something straight out of the 60s! Walking in I guess a cooling sensation which I actually much enjoy. I honestly don’t want to be feeling all muggy sitting at my desk all day. I see above me vents blowing out cool air! This place has central air so most likely I am going to guess frigid at some point. I am so used to the heat! I put my stuff in my locker plus beginning walking to class. Lots of new faces making sly looks at me. I understand I am the new kid. While walking I bumped into another lady. All of us both apologized plus she said her name is Michael. I told him my name is Darnell. She asked where I was heading. I looked at my card plus said room 302, the professor’s name is Mrs, however jankowski. She said both of us are heading the same way plus both of us can go together.

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