Stepdad is A Bit on the Angry Side

My HVAC company is now run by my cousin and I am pursuing a career in music

My stepdad was a lawyer his whole life, who is now retired, but feels like he didn’t do what he should have done for a living. Now he is kind of angry and regretful and I am trying to learn from his mistake. He was a teacher when he was younger and really loved it, but decided to become a lawyer to make more money. I think it really comes down to doing something you love and putting money second or you may find yourself in his shoes feeling like you got short changed with your life. The local business my stepdad had dealt with a lot of divorces and he ended up getting caught in the middle of them many times with the court cases. I would much rather run my local contracting company and deal with HVAC installations and repairs than argue with a couple over a divorce. I think if you aren’t feeling it with your career you should take the chance and try switching to something that you would enjoy more. I’ve changed my career path many times going from a painting contractor to an HVAC contractor and a few other things in between. I really enjoyed helping people with cooling and heating their houses so that they would be comfortable during the harsh weather months. I was a comedian for 15 years also and that was a fun experience, but when I was no longer feeling it I changed directions once again. My HVAC company is now run by my cousin and I am pursuing a career in music. Keep on evolving and don’t get stuck.


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