Sticking my candy cane in the air conditioning unit

My parents know I don’t like candy canes.

It’s the same thing every Christmas, Candy canes go on the Christmas tree and then at the end of the holiday season when the tree comes down my mom and dad expect my brother and I to eat these nasty things.

I won’t do it and I keep telling them I have no interest. My brother is in the same boat as I so we always try to make a point of tossing them in the garbage when no one is looking. My dad last year found five in there so I am nervous to try to do that again. This year I sucked it up and eat a few and tried to give my brother some allowance money to eat the rest but he refused as well. So I did the smartest thing I could do. I slowly got rid of my last three candy canes. I broke one up in the dog food, launched one over the fence which my dad did find out about and the last one was genius, I hid it in the air conditioning unit. Who thinks to open up the air conditioner? I watched some youtube videos in weird hiding places and an HVAC professional showed what he found in an air conditioning unit. He explained how to open it and how to clean it out. So when my dad was outside and my mom was grocery shopping I tried opening ours. It was super easy and I placed my last candy cane in it. No one will ever find this, no one ever.

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