Stocks are continually going up and down

Are we ever going to get out of this bear market we have been in for eons? I am actually buying more cryptos now that the market is so low and hoping that we don’t take yet another dive, if so after that we are finished! I don’t know that is the case and I am currently buying Compound coins whenever I can, but my brother is an heating and A/C rep and has an unlimited amount of money it seems, so he didn’t mind when I asked him if I could borrow a measly $3K. I will pay him back in a year or so once my coins do their thing. It may be the middle of 2024 till I see the fruits of my investments although I am fine with waiting till then. I just keep working at the cooling business in the summer and the heating corp in the winter, and once I turn my money into $100K I am going to sell and be done with cryptos for good. I just want to try and get back what I lost and then cash out, which I know is totally feasible if I keep buying now. I will do more heating and A/C device installs and take that money to buy more coins. I want to get 150 Compound coins and then when it hits the $650 mark I am going to take the money and run. My heating and A/C specialist friend is doing the same and we are seeing who can amass more coins by the end of this year. I know I will win.