Stop stalling and replace your gas furnace!

If you are thinking that holding on to your old gas furnace is saving you money in the end, think again! If your gas furnace is 15 years old or so, it simply should be replaced.

If it’s more than 15 years old, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

One simple reason why is that furnaces built 15 to 20 years ago are simply far less energy efficient than the gas furnaces of today. Many gas furnaces used to only have an efficiency rating of 60 to 70%. This meant that only that amount of energy was actually utilized from the total amount of energy that they put out. These days, some of the best gas furnaces have efficiency well into the 90% range. Another reason why you should replace your gas furnace if it is decades old is quite simply that, no matter how efficient it used to be, it is sure to be breaking down by now. In fact, if you find that you are having to send out a repairman quite often, you have to understand that paying the repairman repeatedly and dealing with the low energy efficiency of your furnace will ultimately cost you more money than purchasing a brand new one. Yes, there is no doubt that it can be a hassle to go looking for a new furnace. Choosing one that is properly sized for your home and having it installed can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is very necessary and you will benefit greatly from a brand new energy efficient replacement!

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