Summer is Coming and I am Going

It’s starting to really heat up fast here at the end of May and I am happy to be leaving here in a week or so.

It just gets way too hot for too long and I don’t like to beat my skin up with all of the sun so going overseas to a milder climate is a welcome change. The cooling and heating business I work for over there gave me as much time off as I needed and I am grateful for having such a cool employer like that. They pay me well and I help them with my knowledge of the industry. I only work a few hours a week but it pays all of my bills. I learned about the job a few years ago when I went in to buy a space heater from them and ended up talking about my history in the business. They told me they were looking for an HVAC specialist to work at their store helping customers with HVAC questions and things like that. I also teach some volleyball and make some money playing music around town. I was an engineer back in the day but realized that the corporate world was not for me so I left it in pursuit of something that fed my soul. Now I have a lot of free time when I am not working at the local business and I am much happier as a result. I think freedom is the number one thing in my life that makes me happy so I strive to obtain it in any form.


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