Taking over the HVAC business from my father

My family has been in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business for many years now.

In fact, this next year will be Dad’s 40th year in the HVAC business! He has garnered quite the reputation around town for being the best HVAC technician the locals have ever witnessed.

He has serviced the HVAC systems in at least 60% of all the buildings in this town residential and commercial, by his reckoning. As busy as he was as I was growing up, that’s not difficult to believe at all! I have been helping him at his HVAC shop and on his appointments since I was 16 years old. He taught me the basics of HVAC maintenance and I helped him advertise for his company on many occasions, even at school. I was teased a little bit by my peers for having such an interest in HVAC despite the fact that I was a girl, but I always took it in stride and turned it into an advertisement for my dad. Now, I’m 25 years old and ready to get into the HVAC business myself. I got my start helping neighbors with their HVAC issues and slowly built up a reputation of being quite competent when it comes to HVAC needs on my own. I absolutely love helping people with their HVAC problems. I also love helping them determine what kind of HVAC system is ideal for their home, based on its size and design and their own budgets. Just yesterday I was helping an elderly woman figure out how to use her programmable thermostat. She knew it would be very convenient for her but she had to be taught how to use it, which I’m only too happy to do!

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