Temperature control in medical offices

Do you ever go to the doctors office and wonder why you are all of a abrupt cold? I guess I personally bring a sweater when I go to the doctor even when it is 90 degrees outside.

There is a reason behind the temperature at medical facilities, and no health care professionals are not purposely trying to make you freeze! According to both the Center for Disease Control and Occupational Safety and Health Association it is essential that medical facilities keep their temperature controls at truly particular temperatures.

These temperatures always range between the high sixties and low seventies, which can guess truly cold for patients. You may wonder why medical offices blast their air conditioning. The main reason is that cold temperatures can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in medical facilities. Both bacteria and viruses thrive in sizzling temperatures so to combat that issue the temperature control is turned way down. Hospitals and doctors offices change their temperature controls based on the season and the requirements from the Center of Disease Control and Occupational Safety and Health Association. There are also requirements in health care facilities for air conditioning filters to be changed frequently. Think about all of the particles that are trapped in those air conditioning filters. Hospitals and doctors offices always have local Heating and Air Conditioning companies on rest by to repair any problems that occur. Temperature problems in medical offices can literally be life or death for some patients, so it is essential that the air conditioning is always laboring in health care environments. The next time you guess cold in the doctor’s office waiting room, just remember the temperature control is set that low to protect your health.


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