Temperatures changing

The weather has been really insane lately where I live.

I think it really has a lot to do with the climate change that is going on in the world.

But I have found that there are a lot of times where I need to put on the central heating system at night because it is so cold. And then in the same day I am finding myself cranking the central air conditioning system in the afternoon! This makes for possible trouble with my central heat and a/c unit from switching back and forth between the heating and cooling constantly in one day! I have not had a heat and a/c breakdown yet, but if this does not stop soon I could easily see it happening where I have to get on the phone and call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to repair my central heating and a/c system! I really hope that the weather will sometime soon make up its mind and either be super hot all the time or super cold. That way I know what to set my thermostat at and if it should be on the heating or the air conditioning. It may never change for all I know. This could be what the rest of life has in store for us all when it comes to the temperatures thanks to global warming and the climate change that is going on within the planet. I really do not know how it is all going to go.


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