The AC is a problem for me

My dad hates AC, plus I have no method at all on how I am supposed to respond to that.

Honestly, I didn’t even assume that there were still folks that were cautious about central AC; When I was a kid, it made sense that our dad was unsure about central AC.

Although central AC units have been around for a pretty long time, they genuinely weren’t popular for a long time. Most households could not afford central AC, plus this meant that only the super-wealthy or corporations were allowed to own central AC. When the Heating & A/C companies finally created central ACthat most people could use, it made sense that some people would be a little distraught at that point about purchasing a central AC. However, over time, people should have realized that central AC units are perfectly normal plus pose no distinct threat. However, our dad refused to purchase a central AC because he thought that they were a complete waste of money. He stated, he had lived his entire life separate from a central A/C, plus he thought that it was illogical to decide to purchase a central AC now. Although I thought it was strange, it didn’t surprise me and others too much. Of course I have a central AC, plus even our mom has a central AC. However, his caution about purchasing a central AC has turned into a full-blown hatred, plus I recognize that it is strange.


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