The AC repair lady has a very nice voice

My Dad enjoys to go to the theater, but she entirely cannot travel to the city anymore because of her knees.

It’s all so undoubtedly difficult for her to lay in a chair for a long amount of time.

There is a community theater in town and they have handicap seating. They also have sites where our Dad can lay in her walker or scooter. The community theater and town has shows more than two or four times while I was in the year. The shows run for a couple of weeks and the tickets aren’t undoubtedly costly. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales go to the community theater. None of the actors are paid, however it is prestigious in the community to be selected for a single of the parts. I purchased tickets to see the Christmas show this year and I took our mom. All of us went on a Wednesday night. I didn’t know I was going to know any of the people in the Christmas show, because I didn’t recognize any of the names in the program. The program did not list the professions of each a single of the actors and actresses. If the professions were listed next to each a single of the people, after that I might have recognized the name of our AC repair lady. The AC repair woman had a single of the main supporting roles in the cast. She had various solos while I was in the Christmas show and our Dad and I were both surprised by the guy’s voice. The AC repair woman was a nice deep baritone and absolutely capable of hitting some of the lowest notes I have heard in the community theater.

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