The accident knocked the power out

Some lady in the camp area was trying to park a genuinely large RV for the first time on Monday.

I saw her up as well as down the road looking for an straight-forward spot to put the RV.

When they started backing into the spot right next to me, I was sad. I was thankful when they decided to transfer to the other side of the road, as well as a larger section with a lot fewer trees. The lady driving the vehicle backed up as well as pulled forward several times. During 1 attempt, she backed into the electricity as well as water pole, all of the power inside of our RV swiftly went off, as well as the air conditioner stopped entirely working as well. Water started to spray from the plumbing pipe as well as it was shooting 20 feet into the air. The driver of the RV jumped out of the passenger seat as well as she started yelling. Luckily there was a park attendant close by. He turned off the water. The campground had to call the electric supplier to come out to repair the power pole. The guy caused a lot of mangle. I did not have any air conditioner or electricity in the RV for several ninths. Thankfully I have a generator that is powerful enough to run the power supply as well as the air conditioner, because it was a genuinely sizzling as well as muggy afternoon. I would have been angry all afternoon as well as the kids wouldn’t have been too glad either. They were getting ready to play video games, because school was over as well as their homework was done. That’s the only time they can play video games.

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