The added floor bore the need for a zoned HVAC system

I had always thought my house would look more stunning if I added another floor, plus the morning light would perfectly hit my windows without any obstructions from the ground floor.

Last year I met with different constructors, and they gave me the invoice.

I saved up some money and started working on my house this summer. The top floor would have my bedroom and a study. I was excited at the amount of space I would create. The floor addition process took the first month of summer. I had a heat pump for indoor comfort. A week into sleeping in my new space, I noticed the temperature was warmer than on the ground floor. The digital thermostat I used would have different readings on both floors. With the summer heat on high, the upper floor was almost uninhabitable. The local business sent over cooling representatives to help sort out the issue. They recommended a zone HVAC system to split the floors into zones to solve the uneven temperature issue. I would still use the same regulator and would not need to purchase another quality air conditioner. The cooling technicians also took the opportunity to run a comprehensive HVAC maintenance on the system. The HVAC technician pointed out that a feasible HVAC service plan is crucial to the unit’s proper function with residential HVAC systems. All HVAC brands require essential maintenance and repair needs. He advised that when the system functions optimally, it relieves the indoor air cleaning system of any strain to improve the air quality. Especially in summer, I find the air dusty, so I often need an air purifier.



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