The allergen levels outdoors are off the charts in spring

Ever since I was a kid, my mom simply loathed Spring… As most people were celebrating the end of the long Winter time weeks, she was dreading what was to come; new spring meant lots of pollen in the air which was mom’s worst scenario.

  • Since she was young, she suffered from dire flu symptoms, then her doctor constantly said she’d know better as an adult! But, that never happened, and it was the same scenario each year when the world came alive plus the snow melted, mom would have to rely on allergy medication to keep the symptoms low, however there was no way to ensure she never had the sniffles.

Her relief came when I went to heating plus A/C school plus got to learn all about whole-home air purifiers! Where we lived, there was an A/C business. I was surprised that in the 10 years or so of servicing plus repairing units in our home, none of the heating plus A/C workers had told mom about new air purification units! These units were excellent in keeping pollen, dust plus other allergy triggers out of the house. Though mom couldn’t control the conditions outside the house, she’d find relief indoors. I went to the neighborhood at a single time to find an actual heating plus A/C vendor who sold whole-beach home air purification units. This kind lady was sympathetic to my plight when I told her mom had severe flu symptoms. She even sent her A/C expert to come to the house, install the unit plus explain how to use it effectively. Since I was still in school, I wasn’t experienced in installation, but I was ecstatic to learn as much as I could from the A/C expert. He even went ahead to offer myself and others an internship position when I wasn’t even at school.

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