The bad HVAC was not helping anybody

I recently went to this up-to-date pizzeria here in my neighborhood for lunch… Well, I did not entirely go because I left before I was even able to order any food! The reason for this was because they had non-laboring a/c! It seems their commercial heating and a/c device had broken down just a short while before I arrived at the place and they were not going to be able to have it repaired for hours.

This was because even with them calling for emergency heating and a/c services from the local heat and cooling device company, they were really booked up and could not get over there for a while.

In turn, I did not have enough time to wait around so I walked out and ended up going elsewhere for lunch. I had to be back to work in a little over an hour or so. I will entirely go back again and try this up-to-date pizzeria for lunch or perhaps even supper once I know that their commercial heating and a/c device is fully laboring and back up and running once again. It was a serious bummer because I wanted to try their food because I heard it was entirely great! But when you do not have laboring commercial heating and a/c in drastic weather, you are going to lose a great deal of customers naturally. It does not matter if it is sizzling or cold, if you do not have indoor comfort no one is going to eat at your pizzeria. This is just the way it is.

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