The commercial roofing contractor gave me a good deal on the install

My wife and I have a small fruit and vegetable stand outside of town on the highway.

The fruit and vegetable stand started off as a small sack, but it has grown into a large building.

Five years ago, we purchased a large shed for the property. We turned the shed into a business by adding shelving and paint to the walls. The building was much larger than our previous space and the two of us were able to sell twice as many products as we did in the past. Business more than tripled after we bought the large building. Things have been really good for the family farm. Unfortunately, that portable building had a leak in the roof last week and now we have to have a commercial roofing contractor complete all of the repair work. The roofing replacement contractor told the two of us that it shouldn’t take more than a week to complete all of the repairs and installation work. We were already scheduled to shut down for Thanksgiving, so we are just going to take a longer holiday while the roofing company works on all of the repairs. I honestly hope that it will not take more than a week to complete all of the roofing work. The parking lot is going to be packed with construction vehicles and people. We won’t be able to open for business until the roofing project is completed. Right before the holidays is the worst time to be closed. Everyday we stay closed is a day when we lose money.

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