The complaints are piling up

I need to do something about this home I am staying in at the moment because the Heating & Air Conditioning method smells musty plus the whole entire home smells the same.

I bet there is a bunch of black mold growing in the single room where the air handler is because the smell is entirely exhausting plus I heard also that they had some roof leaks last year.

I don’t assume my cousin has changed the installed HEPA filter in her Heating & Air Conditioning component for a year because I know the air flow from the vents is almost nonexistent. I am going to show her the way to do it when she comes to the condo from work tonight. I also need to call the best local contractor to come out plus look at the room where the air handler is removing all of the mold. I just looked at it an hour ago plus there is black mold growing heavily on the walls plus the ceiling plus I assume it is being blown through the flowing air because I haven’t been feeling so well since staying here. I may need to stay in a local hotel but I need to make sure they have superb AC because the outdoor weather here is absolutely tepid plus a lot of these small hotels don’t have superb working units. Some of them just have small window units that barely work at all because they haven’t been tested respectfully. A lot of the portable window units don’t even have a filter, let alone a HEPA filter.

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