The cost for the tune-up wasn't too much money

I knew it wasn’t going to cost much money to have a tuneup on my heating and air conditioning system.

Still, I was extraordinarily happy that I found a coupon online and one of the homeowners magazines. The coupon was from a new HVAC company that just opened. They were trying to increase business by offering a tune-up special. The price for the HVAC service tune up was half the cost of a regular service. My wife and I have been using the same company for 10 years, but we decided to give the new company a try after seeing their low price on that tune up service. The service was exhausted. The technician spent about an hour at our home. He checked the ductwork, HVAC unit, outdoor machine, as well as the air vents and the air filtration system. The tune-up service was extremely thorough, especially considering the low price we paid. We were happy to get a good report at the end of the service. We didn’t have any major problems that needed to be addressed. Other than a dirty air filter, our system was still in relatively good condition. My wife and I were impressed with the service and the friendliness of the service professional. We left a good review online for that company and we even told a couple of our friends about the service provider. One of my co-workers Jack, has been thinking about buying a ductless radiant heater for the garage and this particular company might be the best service provider for the job.


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