The dressing room areas felt like the doctor's office

The dressing room area in the surf shop was icy cold

My friends plus I went to the surf shop to try on some current bathing suits for the Summer season. Spring chop is right around the corner plus both of us are all looking forward to showing off our Summer bodies. I recommended that both of us go to a surf shop downtown with good prices on board shorts, bathing suits, plus other surf accessories. The venue had a brand current dressing room that was just opened up. The last time I was there, there was no dressing room. Since they added the dressing room, they updated their selection of clothing with twice as multiple products. I have to admit that it is truly hard to buy a shirt or a pair of pants if I cannot look at myself to see what they look like. Not everything looks as nice on your body as it does on the shelf plus I hate to go back to the store to make returns. I guess the companies count on you doing that, so they end up making money whether you wear their clothing or not. The dressing room area in the surf shop was icy cold. There was a big A/C air vent right above the area where I was getting undressed to put on a bathing suit, cold air was blowing down from the air vent plus it was set to industrial speed.I had goosebumps all over my arms plus I didn’t even want to get undressed after I felt the cool air on top of my shoulders. The bathing suit didn’t even look great, so I got freezing for nothing.
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