The end-of-year party

The air conditioning business daily holds a party celebrating all its employees & their work, then every one of us get to invite our families as it is also kid-friendly, then my teenagers have been to the party more than four years in a row… I have been toiling as an cooling system serviceman for more than four years.

Every year odd departments perform talent shows at the party, and this year our team & I will be miming one of the processes the people I was with and I use for work, the Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade process.

The air conditioning providers would also perform a skit to show how to interact with clients & how to guide them in choosing the best quality Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Every one of us booked a hotel to prepare for the party as our office could not contain every employee plus their families. The hotel offered us an excellent offer to use their grounds because the people I was with and I had done the Heating & Air Conditioning repair on their multi-cut air conditioning device at a subsidized price. Every one of us had been toiling with the hotel to improve the function of the quality air conditioning for several years. Imagine a room full of people who guess more about air conditioning enjoying themselves with their families. The cooling industry encourages interaction between aged air conditioning specialists & recruits as they learn from each other. Every one of us constantly hold competitions for the recruits to showcase what they have l gained since joining the business. Every one of us got a broken device & a thermostat from the office warehouse, & the recruits had to repair it abruptly. The winning air conditioning repair team fixed the device within half an hour & improved the air quality. They each got a free trip to the capital city to visit the leading business.


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