The HEPA filters were fantastic for the school

When schools opened this year, I noticed that the indoor comfort was not as superb as when all of us closed for the holidays.

Schools had been closing and opening as a directive from the government because of the insane virus outbreak.

The students kept making complaints about the constant damp odor in the dining hall and bathroom areas. I called the a/c corporation and chose to arrange an appointment with their cooling experts. When the a/c serviceman arrived at the building, they went straight to inspect the HVAC duct. It was intact with no leaks. They then cleaned the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance as it had been dusty since all of us switched it off when school was out. When cleaning the appliance, they noticed several components were rusted, so they replaced them. To improve the air quality, the a/c appliance professionals replaced the AC filters with better HEPA filters. The function and efficiency of the electric heat pump improved significantly, and all of us could tell. The experts also advised on the regularity of taking care of quality AC repair to maintain indoor comfort and the optimal function of the appliance. I later discovered the techs had also specialized in the AC setup of commercial a/c. When the students returned to school the following school day, they complimented the quality of air within the school. The terrible odor had disappeared and was replaced with fresh cool air. The people I was with and I have been utilizing these filters since being introduced to them. The techs also took us through the steps of swapping out the filters so that all of us would change them without having to reach out to the corporation to schedule an appointment. The management was very happy with the repair and the top-notch indoor comfort.

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