The horse damaged the HVAC system

Our horse kicked the central a/c beside our lake house last month.

I was inside doing the dishes when I hastily realized that it was getting truly moderate in our house, then the people I was with and I live in truly moderate weather conditions and it is pressing that our central a/c runs throughout the morning.

I went over to our window a/c and turned it on to help the central a/c keep our lake house cool… Since our central a/c was getting pretty old I figured it was just struggling against the heat to keep our lake house cool. The window a/c did not seem to help the central a/c with our indoor comfort and I was also beginning to get distraught. I went outside to look at our central a/c and discovered that there was a large dent on the side of it. I called our cooling and heating company and asked them to send an actual heating and A/C worker to repair our central a/c. When the heating and A/C worker arrived she asked myself and others how the large dent got in the side of our central a/c. I told him I didn’t believe it, although I really wanted to find out. The heating and A/C worker used her heating and cooling device to repair my central a/c and get it toiling like new, however she even substituted the air filter for me. When the cooling specialist was finished she brought myself and others the panel that used to be on the side of my central a/c and showed myself and others a hoof print on the other side of it. It was then that I realized that my horse named Lucky had kicked the side of the central a/c and made it stop pushing cool air through the air ducts in my house.

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