The hotel wall unit was making a weird noise

My friends and I went down south last year to celebrate spring break.

We joined a couple of other friends and we rented a giant hotel suite for all of us to share.

We were only supposed to have six people in the room, but we had 10 people staying there each night. The extra people made the hotel room more affordable for all of us. I paid a larger portion of the bill so I could have one of the beds. My best friend Jack paid a larger portion as well, so he could have a bed to. All of the other guys slept on the floor or on a cot. The hotel room had a separate living room from the bedroom and both rooms were separated by a door. In the middle of the night, I heard a strange sound coming from the AC unit in the living room. The machine sounded like it was sick. There was still cold air coming out of the air vents. In the morning, the temperature inside of the room was very warm and cold air was no longer coming out of the vents. My friends and I decided to call the hotel desk staff. We told them about the problem with the air conditioner and they sent a maintenance technician to check on the problem. The maintenance technician arrived unannounced and caught all of us off guard. Everyone was in the room when the guy showed up. We were worried that the AC repairman might tell the desk clerk about the number of people in our room, but the guy didn’t seem to be very concerned with the amount of money we were paying each night. He fixed the air conditioner and then left as quickly as he arrived.


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