The HVAC workers van was gone

Steve, the HVAC worker, is the guy the people I was with and I trust to do our heating as well as cooling repairs whenever the people I was with and I have troubles, however the guy is a wizard! He can figure out a problem within minutes however usually it is something prefer myself and others not cleaning out our air filters, and regardless when I needed him he would be at our house the next morning or if emergency he would be there the same morning! I have called him at prefer 1am a single time because something was wrong with our a/c; He, the nice guy he is, was at our house within the minute as well as figured out the issue shortly after.

  • Today I had a heating tune up as well as when he was finished his HVAC van was gone… Someone must have stolen it.

I believe this town is supposed to be trustworthy however there are some vial people out there trying to hurt a man’s income. Steve called the police as well as while waiting for them to arrive he called the HVAC corporation to get another HVAC serviceman to take on the other busy appointments he had left. I provided him a cup of root carona as well as I could sense his frustration. The police showed up 15 minutes later as well as he provided them his report. The cops said while driving here another officer spotted the van behind someone’s house as well as they are just verifying if in fact it’s the HVAC company motorcar as well as they apprehended the suspect! After verifying everything the officer told Steve to never leave the van’s keys in it again because stolen vehicles are on the rise for criminal activity. Steve was just relieved as well as the officers took him to his van! Glad things worked out for him this time.
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