The kids are doing good deeds by collecting donations for the homeless shelters

I was surprised a few years ago when I had some kids come to my door and they asked if I could donate to the local homeless shelter.

I felt like I should give something but I told them I didn’t have any money.

They said that was alright because I could donate anything, clothes, canned food, portable heaters, window AC units, fans, and other things. I realized I had a couple of window AC units in my garage and I told them they were free to take those. I was planning on giving those away anyway but I never had gotten around to it. I told those kids it was a nice thing they were doing, getting donations for those in need. Since that time, those kids have been dropping by my neighborhood picking up all kinds of donations for all the different local homeless shelters and this program with helping the homeless has been a huge success, or so I have seen on the news. I was even given a picture of many of the homeless people holding a huge ‘Thank You’ sign to show their appreciation. The picture has a magnet piece on the back so I am able to put that on my fridge. I like having it there because it reminds me that I donate various things to them every year. This year I even donated some sweaters, a couple of UV air purifiers, and the old winter coat I used to wear. I’m sure somebody is really going to appreciate those items, and I hope it helps improve the comfort and well being of those people who are having a difficult time.


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