The manager kept coming down the stairs.

Normally, I am not paranoid about our customers.

I am used to having customers watch me work; People like seeing their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals.

Some want to watch because they are afraid you are going to steal something, or deliberately cut something to add to the bill. Some people want to watch because they just enjoy seeing you work. When I was laboring last week, I couldn’t figure out why he was coming into the basement so often. I heard his hesitate when he went by the gas furnace room, so I assumed he was peeking in to make sure I was really laboring. Every multiple minutes, he was walking down the stairs. I upset he may think I was doing something wrong, so the last time he came downstairs, I cooked out of the gas furnace room. I realized his laundry room was at the other end of the basement. She apologized if he was bothering me, and I said it was fine. I told his I may have been taking too long and apologized to her. She said I was fine, however he was going to ask if I wanted coffee. She decided not to bother me. After telling his it would only be another 5 minutes, he said he would make fresh coffee. While explaining what I had done to the gas furnace and going over the bill with her, he was pouring coffee. The two of us had a delightful conversation when he started talking about his partner, and how he was an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional, before he got disfigured. He was now convalescing in a nursing home, however he did all his laundry at home.