The PA turned out to also be an aspiring air conditioning professional

I had been ignoring a toothache for several weeks, mainly because I had been scared of the dentist’s office since I was young.

I have never met a mean dentist, so I am unsure where the fear comes from.

I finally called the dentist’s office and booked an appointment. The pain had gotten so bad that it interfered with my job as an air conditioning professional. The day before my appointment, I accompanied my team for a quality AC service at downtown one of the office complexes. That night, I barely slept because of the pain. Fortunately, it was the day’s first appointment, and I could not wait. I got to the dentist’s office thirty minutes before my appointment and met a lovely secretary or PA, which is what I came to know later. She offered me some painkillers and was chatting me up. The air quality in the waiting room was splendid. I commented that their commercial air conditioning must be in excellent condition. She was surprised and added that the cooling experts had done an A/C setup a week ago. From our conversation, I gathered that she was also in the air conditioning technician training institute at the air conditioning company. She told me about how she used her training to fix her electric heat pump. It had started making unusual noises, and even the digital thermostat did not help. She then decided to change the AC filter and try out the new filters in the market, HEPA filters, which worked great. She asked me how to tell the ductwork leaks on an HVAC system and when I explained, she lit up, saying, “I knew it!”. The dentist came in right then, and after a few minutes, I was called in.
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