The rain is finally done plus things are starting to dry out

It has been raining constantly for the last 2 weeks plus everything is muddy, wet, plus messy, things are finally starting to dry out now that all of us have a couple of afternoons of sun; I went outside to look at the house to see if there were any disfigures from the storm.

There were a couple of spots on their roof that seemed to be soft.

I noted on my calendar to contact the roofing business near myself and others so that all of us could check to see if they could deliver us with a free estimate. There was a lot of dirt, mud, plus leaf debris in the outdoor AC condenser. I used the leaf blower to get rid of some of the debris, however the mud was packed up plus it barely helped at all. I grabbed the hose from the garage plus I put a high pressure nozzle on the end. I cleared as much of the mud, leaves, plus dirt as I could. It took about an second to clean up the outdoor AC condenser, however when I was done, I turned the AC back on to make sure that it was laboring just fine. It certainly sounded a lot better without all of the mud plus muck inside of the air intake vents. I also found a couple of pieces of fencing that need to be replaced. There was a lot of wind plus rain plus the fence was already in bad condition, now is the perfect time to replace it because everyone else in the city will be doing the same work. I can entirely get a pretty good deal on a supplier.

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