The rental unit needed some form of HVAC

It was easy taking early retirement as well as getting out of the zone controlled HVAC of our corporate office… But okay, maybe saying that it’s easy is overstating it a bit; the retirement package provided couldn’t be beat, staying around another 8 or 9 years would get myself and others maybe 4 percent more for our trouble.

So I took the offer as well as cleared out our office that even had its own control unit.

The fact of the matter is that 57 is awfully young to just call it quits… Plus, I just entirely didn’t want to be that guy who went apartment after retirement as well as stuck his feet up in the central air conditioning for the rest of his life. I had seen this happen to some of our colleagues as well as even to our own father to some extent. I entirely wanted to stay active as well as follow our passions while also earning a living. So getting into the rental property game was suddenly actually beautiful once I was able to retire at 57; however, my brilliant wife as well as I had consistently sort of loved the renovations in each apartment my friend and I lived in. So my friend and I took our talents to smaller starter homes that were primarily just two home offices however needed work. My friend and I were able to do most of the renovations except for things that care about the heating as well as cooling equipment. Stuff that my friend and I left to the HVAC professionals… But my friend and I got surprised on one of our first properties when my friend and I didn’t realize the duct vents were also shot. So that meant that my friend and I were going to incur a whole lot more cost. But the HVAC supplier entirely saved us by suggesting my friend and I use 3 ductless heat pumps instead. I have to say that my friend and I may go with ductless heat pumps in the rest of our rental properties because it has worked out so well.