The right time to get the fireplace installed

Now is the time to get your fireplace installed if you want to have it done this year! So many clients who want to have fireplaces installed have already put their names on the list, and so the waiting list is getting longer and longer.

I know that most people want to have a fireplace for the Christmas season, so they can hang their stockings by it and all of that, however, if you do not have your name on the list to get your fireplace installed, then it is honestly not going to happen this year, no matter how much you want it to, but right now, I am honestly working as the fireplace installation specialist at a local heating and cooling supplier! You would not know how busy it is right now.

It typically gets a little bit busier whenever the weather starts cooling down at the end of the summer, however this year it has been downright ridiculous. I can’t believe how busy it has been, And people are coming to purchase gas log fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces at an amazing rate. I do not remember ever being busy like this before, and I have been honestly working here as a fireplace specialist for the past several years. I guess it’s just one of those things that people are thinking about more often these afternoons since families are spending more and more time at home. It’s true that a fireplace does make your home feel much cozier while we were in the winter, but I feel like people shouldn’t wait until the last minute to make their fireplace purchases.

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