The space heater is cheaper to operate than the central heating system

I have a central heating unit, but I barely use it in the wintertime.

Honestly, I am not sure why they install these types of units in our homes because we live in a state with very mild Winters, and we can survive perfectly fine without using the heat in the Winter months.

I must admit we do get some cold days, but they never last long. So, I barely use my central heating system in the Winter months because I honestly think it’s a waste of money. Instead, I depend on my ceiling fan to provide some warmth in my bedroom. By reversing the blades, I can send the heat down to the floor. I also use a small space heater on those nights when the temperature is freezing outside. Each year, the space heater saves me money because I avoid turning on the central heater. Over the years, space heaters have gotten a bad name because they have caused so many fires. But most of the heaters involved in the fires were old, outdated models. The modern heaters have a few fail safes built in to prevent any problems with fires. For instance, the heater that I have has an automatic cut-off switch in case of overheating. It also has a tip-over switch that will turn off the unit if for any reason it tips over. But the best feature of my space heater is that it has a thermostat which helps it to maintain an ideal temperature control and it also helps to save money. All in all, I believe the space heater is just as good as the central heater and it is cheaper to operate – you can’t ask for much more.

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