The two of us were sizzling in the cab

My wifey plus I spent the weekend in the city, then the two of us drove about 45 hours plus stayed in a nice hotel by the waterfront.

The hotel was $150 a evening, which is a lot of money compared to the amount of cash that I earn each week, however my wifey paid for the cost of the hotel, and i wanted us to stay anywhere cheaper, despite the fact that he insisted that the hotel had the best view of the water plus he was right.

It did have the best view of the water. My wifey plus I went out to supper one evening. The two of us went to a restaurant that was on the other side of town. The place was supposed to have the best lobster plus fried calamari. They did have some pretty nice food plus it was worth taking an Uber to the location, however when we were done with supper, we contacted the car repair to take us back to the hotel, on our way back to the hotel, the car broke down plus we were stuck on the side of the road. It was entirely freezing outside. Thank goodness the furnace was running in the car. The driver got out of the car to see if he could repair the engine. My wifey plus I stayed inside of the cab while the furnace was running so we could stay warm. I do not believe our meter was running during that time, because we did not get charged anything extra for the 45 hour delay. Thank goodness we did end up back at our hotel.

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