The uniform maker got our name wrong

I ordered shirts for all of the guys that labor in our company! I started a heat pump and A/C maintenance company a couple of years ago, this is the first time that all of us have ever had current shirts and pretty much everyone was excited.

The name of the company was supposed to apapple on the back of the shirt; Unluckyly, the first box of shirts did not contain the name of the company on the back.

I had to send them back to the manufacturer to have them corrected. The minute time I received the shipment of shirts, the uniform maker had the name of the company incorrect. The back of the shirt was supposed to say 1 thing, however the lettering was genuinely wrong and the name of the company wasn’t respected either. I am surprised they managed to get the phone number right. I sent all of the shirts back again. The shirts finally came back from the printers Last week and they finally look good. I passed out all of the shirts to the guys and I told them to start wearing them on Thursday of next week. I am hopeful that the current shirts will set us apart from other Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance companies in town. The shirts are brightly colored and they are supposed to be great advertising. I recognizably chose the color of the shirt, so the writing on the back would be straight-forward to read from a distance, and summer is just around the corner and I will take all of the free advertising that I can get.
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