The vet advised us to check the air conditioning at home

As a kid, I always wanted a dog.

But, my parents refused to get one.

They explained that a dog is a lot of responsibility. It was better I wait until I was living in my place to get one. At that time, it felt like they just didn’t want me to have a dog that would mess up the house. So, I vowed to adopt one as soon as I was out of the house. That didn’t happen. I went to university abroad and stayed in the school accommodation for the entire time. It’s only after relocating back home and finding an apartment that I managed to adopt a dog. At that time, I wasn’t living on my own since my fiance had followed me after I landed a great job. Our apartment felt so much better with our new best friend. But, after about 2 weeks, we started to notice our dog wasn’t feeling well. He was shivering, sneezing and coughing so we took him to the vet. The vet advised us to check the air conditioning at home. Apparently when you set the thermostat too low it can cause your pet to fall sick. We had no idea. I must admit I like my home to be the same temperature as the inside of a freezer. My fiance is the same way since he grew up in a much colder climate. But, clearly our dog isn’t a fan of such low temps. We had to adjust the thermostat temperature settings and he’s now thriving. We’ve been thinking about HVAC zoning, that way we can keep our bedroom as cool as we want without affecting the rest of the house.


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