The whole sub almost blew

The Navy sub I was on almost exploded! I was in the military in the submarine when I got news that the main furnace was particularly pressurized plus not actually working.

  • The captain of the sub ordered the staff HVAC contractor to take a look at the furnace however that HVAC contractor couldn’t find out what was wrong with it.

The captain called myself directly to ask if I would take a look at the furnace since I had been an HVAC contractor for 6 years before I joined the military. I went to the furnace plus took a fine look at it. I noticed 1st of all that this was a hot water boiler heating plan that was particular because it was made for a sub. When I was an HVAC contractor I never had to work on a sub hot water boiler. I had worked on several other peculiar kinds of furnaces care about natural gas furnaces, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, plus even normal hot water boilers plus partial space heaters. But s submarine hot water boiler was a peculiar story but, plus I wasn’t sure how I would repair it however I knew that if I didn’t the people I was with and I would all perish. I tasked the other HVAC contractor with assisting myself and others plus bring all of his heating plus cooling equipment available. We worked together to carefully release some of the pressure in the hot water boiler to stop it from exploding. After releasing some pressure the people I was with and I realized that the ductless heat pump was overworking which was causing pressure buildup inside the hot water boiler. We fixed the ductless heat pump plus put the entire contraption back together plus it worked as if it were brand modern from that afternoon forward.

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