The whole tank sprung a leak near the seam

Many of my friends in addition to myself own rental properties. The people I was with in addition to myself have many rental units technically. There is an addition on a duplex that we own. Even though the addition was illegal when it was put up, the occupants still rent the space. The addition is completely gross and the money that I make from that room only pays for a small amount of the upkeep. The apartment is entirely small with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom in addition to toilet and sink. It looks as small as a dorm room and there are often problems. One of the biggest issues is due to the fact that the renter frequently complains about the smell that comes from these apartments. The guy leaves food out all of the time that actually attracts cockroaches. The guys floor is usually wet and causing disfigure. Last month I had to hire a plumber to work on some of the issues and the tenant did not want to let me into the room. I quickly realized why that guy was being so secretive when I saw his apartment. It was completely and totally disgusting. I had two evicted the guy after I saw the contents of the room and then I had to remodel all of the plumbing and everything else in order to get someone else into the space to rent the area. The issue turned out to be a problem with the hot water heater. The hot water heater sprung a leak near the seam and we needed a plumber immediately.

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