The window unit is really nasty

I was looking out of our window at the cooling device resting on our window today and I noticed something on it.

I saw that it was starting to look blacker and so I decided that it was time to scrub it. I turned it off and then unplugged it, and after that I took it out of the window. Sure enough, there was lint as well as grime and all kinds of things sticking on the inside of it, and outside it had lots of dirt on it. This is what happens when you leave the window a/c unit in the window for a few months straight. I do not genuinely use our central air con plan, as I only use our window a/c unit now, and because of this I have our cooling unit running almost all of the time. As you can imagine, this can cause our window cooling system to get quite dirty, and so it needs to be cleaned a lot. When I removed it from the window, I took it to the table and then I took a damp brush and started wiping down the outside. After that, I opened the entire cooling device and took a can of air cleaner and started spraying all the dust and stuff from the inside. I wasn’t even done cleaning it, yet it was already working so much better. After I had blown out the dust and dirt from the inside, I took a slightly damp sponge and wiped down the inside of the window a/c device. I thoroughly dried it and I left it out to air dry for a little longer. Once I was finished, I put it back in place and let it continue to do its job of keeping our old home nice and cool.
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