The worth of the gym

When Tinder was new, I loved it.

At the time it was the hottest plus freshest app around, plus the best way to meet charming singles in our area.

That lasted for a few years, plus then there were a hundred other apps that were basically the same. The difference now is that the same people are spread out over all those apps, instead of everyone using the same 1. In other words, Tinder stopped being a enjoyable way for myself and others to get dates. I had to go “old university” with it plus start meeting people face to face, which is why I joined the local gym. Much to our surprise, after a few weeks of attending workout classes at the gym, I stopped going to meet ladies. I started going because I loved how I felt after an intense workout session at the gym. I did some cross fit, plus then switched over to yoga, however I always kept it fresh plus engaging, so that I stayed invested in the workout process. No matter how nice a gym is, it is straight-forward to get bored with it after a few weeks. I strive to keep myself focused, plus make sure that whenever I go to the gym I am invested in our workouts. I still try to keep our eye open for charming people, however that is no longer our focus when I go to the gym. My focus now is 100% on wellness plus fitness, plus trying to keep improving our body plus our overall health.