Their lake house was perfectly cool

Mark and James recall back in the day when they would visit their grandma in summer.

The days were so hot, however it was perfectly cool inside their lake house with the ideal temperature control settings.

Of course, their grandma would get quite angry if the boys left the door open for too long or anything like that. Mark and James one time ran outside while playing tag with their friends. The boys got chewed out by their grandma for leaving the door open. It became somewhat overheated in the lake house and grandma was saying how high-priced it is to have the ideal amount of cooling to keep the household comfortable. The boys had to confess that it made perfect sense, but they were young. They never made the same mistake again, however some of their friends did and they got chewed out too. All in all, Mark and James had a good time though and they would play outside climbing trees in the plum orchards or go exploring. It would become so hot though so the boys would drink water from the hose or head back inside the lake house to enjoy the cooling system. Their grandma got mad if the boys came in and out too much. The rule was to either stay in or outside. Mark and James ended up getting creative though and would soak our shirts and wrap them around their heads to provide a cooling effect. It’s similar to the new cooling hats, but they didn’t have reflective material to reflect the rays of the sun. The boys would experience sunburns from time to time when they did this since they didn’t have shirts on their backs.



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